Penggunaan XML Database Xindice pada Aplikasi Kriptografi menggunakan Data XML untuk Keamanan Distribusi Data

Edy Winarno


In order to send data or information  processed by using cryptography people can use XML
(eXtensible Markup Language). XML data are general texts file which consist of several different tags
which are defined by the XML document maker. In this research, the XML data were processed by using
Password Based Encryption cryptography. This method consists of encryption and decryption meant to
alter plaintext into chipertext which in turn creates chipertext from plaintext by using password key.
²The implementation of the program in this research is a prototype of Hospital’s web facilitated with
encyption menus and decryption data which are meant to protect the saved data which are in turn accessed
and processed by authorized people. The implementation of the program is built as a web application with
Java Server Page (JSP) in NetBeans 6.0 with Password Based Encryption cryptography provided by Java
Cryptography Extension (JCE).

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