Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris

Fakultas Bahasa dan Ilmu Budaya


Undergraduate Program of English Literature of Faculty of Language and Cultural Studies (FBIB) shall in 2020 become one of the academic center of  education, research and community serves in the field of English language and literature with competitive advantages, yielding graduates of global competitiveness who have entrepreneurial spirits and master IT and English language skills according to the   graduate profiles.


  1. Developing transparently and accountably the undergraduate program of English Literature on the basis of Information and communication  technology in support of  Good University Governance (GUG).
  2. Offering undergaduate academic program in English Language and Literature specializing in Business English oriented to the development of industry in support of the graduates who have global competitiveness and entrepreneurial spirits.
  3. Creating a good academic atmosphere in support  the graduate who master Business English, with good attitudes of entrepreneurial spirits and are diligent, creative, innovative so as to be able to compete regionally, nationally and globally by implementing information technology.
  4. Conducting researches of high economic values in the field of English language and literature.
  5. Undertaking community service as required by the community.
  6. Making cooperation with other educational institutions at regional, national and global levels


S1 English Literature (Sastra Inggris) Acreditation B

-Language Laboratorium
-Classroom with Air Conditioned Room, and LCD Projector