• Syanti Dewi Lestari Mahasiswa
  • Katharina Rustipa


This study applies Yule's theory to evaluate the use of deixis in the lyrics of Sam Smith's song "Love Goes," which appears on his album "Love Goes." 'Deixis' is derived from the Greek word deiknymi, which literally translates as "to demonstrate" or "to point out." In this case, it is employed to draw attention to the elements of the speech that are pertinent to the current context. According to the research, the many types of deixis, their meanings, and why they are utilized in specific song lyrics are explained. The writer explores the numerous sorts of deixis that may be derived by listening to and reading song lyrics from Sam Smith's album "Love Goes," which is based on the descriptive qualitative technique. In the next section, the writer identifies and categorizes the deixis that can be found in song lyrics. The writer's next step is to conduct an analysis of the data, which is supported by Yule's theory at this point. The writer discovered deixis types such as person deixis, geographical deixis, and temporal deixis after examining all of the data from Sam Smith's song lyrics from the "Love Goes" album. All of the tracks on the "Love Goes" album feature 486 deixis per person, 41 deixes per spatial location, and 44 deixis per time. Each of the three forms of person deixis has its own classification: first-person, second-person, and third-person. The first person deixis is employed in order to identify the person who is speaking. This song uses the second person deixis to convey the addresser's identity, which in this case happens to be his girlfriend in the song. The third person deixis is supposed to show an undetermined referent; nevertheless, in this album, it alludes to the persons who are in the immediate vicinity of the singer and his love interest. Spatial deixis is used in every song to identify the location of a participant in a speech event to which the singer or speaker belongs, whereas temporal deixis is used to signify a specific time period that the singer or speaker has lived through or experienced.

 Keywords: deixis, Sam Smith, song lyrics

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Lestari, S., & Rustipa, K. (2022). A DEIXIS ANALYSIS OF SONG LYRICS IN SAM SMITH’S “LOVE GOES” ALBUM. Dinamika Bahasa Dan Budaya, 17(1), 28-35. https://doi.org/10.35315/bb.v17i1.8905