• Lina Riyanti
  • Bambang Sudiyatno


Ownership structure, and Liquidity are very important issues for companies, particularly those engaged in banking financial services sector. Banking is a financial services company  that has its own uniqueness compared with other companies. In banking, the trust becomes a very fundamental factor, because it involves the management of public funds. Therefore, it becomes the opinion that bank's performance will be influenced by who is the owner of the bank, and how the bank will guarantee the security of these public funds. This research was conducted to test the effect bank's ownership structure, ownership concentration,  and liquidity of the banking performance. Population and sample research is all banking companies in the banking industry are listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange 2006-2009 period. The results showed that the concentrated ownership structure positively influence the performance of banking at 10% significance level, and liquidity proxy with the CAR positive impact on banking performance at 1% significance level. While the liquidity proxy with LDR negatively affect banking performance, but the effect is not significant.


Keywords: Ownership structure, liquidity, and bank performance.