• Nurainun Nurainun


One of the popular fashions in Indonesia is batik. Several countries had acknowledged
that batik was originated from their countries. In fact, Malaysia had registered a patent for batik.
However, recently UNESCO has acknowledged that batik is indeed an Indonesian cultural
heritage. In Indonesia, batik has developed since the beginning of the 19th century and has
undergone the rise and fall through its development.
The analysis of batik industry will identify the opportunities and strengths of Indonesian
batik industry in facing competition. In addition, it also will identify threats and weaknesses of
batik industry using SWOT analysis.
Prior to analyzing opportunities, strengths, threats and weaknesses of batik industry, the
macro environment of the company is analyzed that consist of technology, general economic
condition, legislation and regulation, societal values and lifestyle, population demographics. The
structure of batik industry is also analyzed.

Key words: batik industry, opportunities, strength, threats, weaknesses