Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Ignatius Hari Santoso Open Journal Systems Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi PENGARUH RASIO PEMBAYARAN DIVIDEN DAN PENGELUARAN MODAL TERHADAP EARNINGS RESPONSE COEFFICIENTS (ERC) DENGAN ARUS KAS BEBAS SEBAGAI VARIABEL PEMODERASI 2019-07-03T10:06:38+07:00 Nugraheni Risma Wijayanti Supatmi . The purpose of this study is to obtain empirical evidence whether dividend<br />payout ratio and capital expenditure influenced to earnings response coeffcients<br />(ERC) with free cash flow as a moderating variable. The sample is drawn by a the<br />purposive sampling technique from whole companies listed in BEJ, except<br />financial companies. This study had been done for 3 years, 2003-2005, and<br />obtained 31 companies fulfilled criteria as sample. Examination of hypothesis<br />used multiple-regression analysis with significant level about 5%. This study<br />provides empirical evidence that free cash flow hasn’t impact on influence<br />dividend payout ratio to ERC, and free cash flow also hasn’t impact on influence<br />capital expenditure to ERC.<br />Keyword: Free Cash Flow, Dividend Payout Ratio, Capital Expenditure,<br />Earnings Response Coeeficients ##submission.copyrightStatement## DAMPAK KEPEMILIKAN MANAGERIAL, LARGE EXTERNAL SHAREHOLDERS TERHADAP STRUKTUR MODAL DALAM PERSPEKTIF TEORI KEAGENAN 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Sri Sugarsi The aims of this research are to provide empirical evidence about the effects of management<br />ownership and ownership by large external shareholders on the capital structure of the firm, and<br />also to analyse effects of interaction between management ownership and ownership by large<br />external shareholders on the capital structure. This analysis is basically for perspective agency<br />theory.<br />Population in this research are all manufacture industry firms which a listed in Jakarta Stock<br />Exchange, during year 2000-2005. Method intake of sample is purposive sampling. Data<br />collecting done with cross-sectional, final sample consists of 128 firms a year. Data analyzing<br />technique used 4 equation models with SPSS program. Examination to hypothesis is basically<br />done after detecting outlier and test of classic assumption.<br />Result of finding show that capital structure (Debt ratio) is positively related to management<br />ownership and negatively related to ownership by large external shareholders. Furthermore, the<br />presence of large external shareholders acts to negate the positive relationship between debt ratio<br />and management ownership not proved. Profta and Growta variables are negatively relatively<br />related to debt ratio and debt ratio is positively related to firm size, and significant.<br />Key words: Capital structure; management ownership, Large external Shareholder, and<br />Agency theory. ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS RASIO BIAYA SUMBERDAYA DOMESTIK USAHA BUDIDAYA RUMPUT LAUT DI INDONESIA 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Mira Clenia The objective of this research was focussed to analyse the domestic resouce cost ratio<br />(DRC) of is effort seaweed from various research location, like Karimun Java, Probolinggo,<br />Sumenep, Klungkung, Badung, Lombok East Island, Sumbawa, Bima, Jeneponto, Palopo, and<br />Bulukumba. Result of analysis of domestic resouces cost ratio indicate that the effort seaweed in<br />various research location can be growth, althought goverment does not support or intervensi.<br />Bulukumba (0,03) represent the area owning lowest the domestic resouce cost ratio, followed by<br />Karimun Jawa (0,03), Probolinggo (0,04), Klungkung (0,07), Sumbawa (0,08), Bima (0,09),<br />Sumenep (0,1), Badung (0,13), Jeneponto (0,3), dan Lombok Timur (0,35).If DRC value &lt; 1<br />means that comodity can be growth, althought goverment does not support or intervensi. In the<br />effort improving economic growth rate, commodity with value of DRC smaller will get higher<br />priority in development.<br />Key Words: Domestic Resource Cost Ratio and Seaweed ##submission.copyrightStatement## KEMAMPUAN INFLASI PADAMODEL PURCHASING POWER PARITY DALAM MENJELASKAN NILAI TUKAR RUPIAH TERHADAP DOLLAR AMERIKA SERIKAT 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Agus Budi Santosa This research will analyze the relationship between inflation variable with exchange value<br />of Rupiah toward American Dollar. The model used is Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) model by<br />using Error Correction Model (ECM) analysis instrument. The employment of PPP model is<br />based on the empirical evidence which shows the ability of PPP model in predicting and<br />explaining the behaviour of the exchange value. While the reason of using ECM is that it is able to<br />explain the long term and short term behaviour of the exchange value.<br />The result of the result shows that in the short term period of time the inflation variable<br />does not significantly influence the fluctuation of the Rupiah’s exchange value toward the<br />American Dollar and the amount of money flowing. On the other hand, national income variable<br />and interest variable significantly influence the exchange value of Rupiah toward American<br />Dollar. The main emphasis of the research is that positive direction coefficient between inflation<br />and exchange value in the short term. The estimation result of the ECM shows that error<br />correction term (ECT) value equal zero. Therefore, it is concluded that the model used is valid.<br />Key Words : Purchasing Power Parity, Inflasi , Error Correction Models , Kurs ##submission.copyrightStatement## STUDI EMPIRIS MENGENAI PENERAPAN METODE SAMPLING AUDIT DAN FAKTORFAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI PENGGUNAAN METODE SAMPLING AUDIT OLEH AUDITOR BPK 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Surya Raharja To obtain the adequate evidence, auditor does not have to test all existing transaction.<br />Along of cost benefit consideration, it is impossible for auditor to test all transaction evidence.<br />Based on this consideration; then in profession recognized widely that most evidence obtained<br />using sampling. The limited audit sampling research motivated the writer to conduct this research.<br />This research is a development from previous researches by Hall of et al. (2002) and Zarkasyi<br />(1992). Researcher take the governmental auditor (BPK) as research subjects because sampling<br />problems in goverment audit differ from the practice make an audit of the private sector (Arkin,<br />1982). The purpose of this research is portraying how sampling audit practice in BPK and explore<br />factors affecting the use of sampling method by governmental auditors...<br />The responses from 122 respondents show 70,5% respondents did not use the statistical<br />sampling method. In nonstatistics sample selection method, two techniques which less get the<br />support empirically namely haphazard and block sampling, in the second (32,6%) and third rank<br />(11,6%). There is indication of selection bias mostly in size, measure, and location. Most<br />respondents (76,25%) answered that they did not get formal training in avoiding selection bias.<br />But that way only 36,9% respondents replied they did not use the procedures to mitigate the<br />selection bias.<br />There are four factors which hypothesized affecting the method used in audit sampling.<br />These factors are auditor perception to statistical sampling method, auditor perception to<br />perceived audit risk, time pressure and experience. Result from logit regression test indicated that<br />among four factors hypothesized, only perception factor to statistical sampling method is<br />significantly influent to the method used in audit sampling.<br />Key words: Sampling Audit, Governmental Auditor, Selection Bias. ##submission.copyrightStatement## ANALISIS FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE LAPORAN TAHUNAN PERUSAHAAN 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Pancawati Hardiningsih Management have accurate information about unknown company value by external<br />investor, meaning that management generally has more complete and accurate information<br />compare to outside party of the company about the company value. Voluntary disclosure<br />information published by a company will possibly give information about the company in such a<br />more detail way. This research aims to test influence of the ownership of public share, company<br />bases, ROI, size of a company and leverage ratio towards the scope of voluntary disclosure.<br />The research sample are 66 manufacturing companies which release voluntary disclosure<br />in 2004 and 2005. The result of the study shows that the ownership of public share influences<br />significantly the scope of voluntary disclosure in the annual report of company ( p = 0,037 &lt;<br />0,05). Company bases own positive influence which is significantly to the scope of voluntary<br />disclosure in the annual report of the company ( p = 0,029 &lt; 0,05). Ratio of ROI probability does<br />not own significant influence to the scope of voluntary disclosure in the annual report of the<br />company ( p = 0,686 &gt; 0,05). The size of the company owns positive influence and significant to<br />the scope of voluntary disclosure in the annual report of the company. ( p = 0,001 &lt; 0,05) and<br />ratio of company leverage does not own significant influence to the scope of voluntary disclosure<br />in annual the report of the company ( p = 0,129 &lt; 0,050)<br />Keywords: Size ,ROI, Public Ownership,Leverage,Voluntary Disclosure. ##submission.copyrightStatement## PENGARUH KOMITMEN ORGANISASIONAL DAN PROFESIONAL TERHADAP KEPUASAN KERJA AUDITOR DENGAN MOTIVASI SEBAGAI VARIABEL INTERVENING (Studi Empiris pada Kantor Akuntan Publik di Semarang) 2019-07-03T10:06:39+07:00 Rahadyan Probo Tranggono Andi Kartika Job satisfaction is very necessary for any profession. Job satisfaction of auditor<br />increasingly paid attention to increase performance so that purpose of reachable company or<br />organization. Many factors which can increase job/activity one of them is commitment.<br />Commitment of it self divided to become two types, those are organizational commitment and<br />professional commitment. How far commitment influence to job satisfaction is tested to returns to<br />in this research, by peeping out motivation is intervening variables.<br />Test utilized to analyze commitment influence to job satisfaction that is regression test,<br />path analysis as well as statistic T test. Research data obtained from questionary answer<br />propagated to the auditors working for Kantor Akuntan Publik in Semarang. Result of research<br />analysis express that commitment has positive influence and significant to job satisfaction of<br />Auditor. From knowable path analysis that relation between organizational commitment and also<br />professional commitment is relationship that is direct without. Existence of motivation as<br />intervening variable. So it job satisfaction of auditor wish to be improved, hence an auditors shall<br />have high commitment either that is to the organization and also profession.<br />Key words: organizational commitment, professional commitment, motivation and job<br />satisfaction. ##submission.copyrightStatement##