Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi 2020-01-15T09:13:15+07:00 Ignatius Hari Santoso Open Journal Systems Jurnal Bisnis dan Ekonomi Struktur Aset, Profitabilitas, Likuiditas dan Pertumbuhan Penjualan terhadap Struktur Modal Perusahaan Sub Sektor Otomotif dan Komponen yang Terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia 2019-12-09T12:12:25+07:00 Agung Himawan <p><em>Thi</em><em>a</em><em>s rese</em><em>a</em><em>arch is con</em><em>a</em><em>ducting an em</em><em>a</em><em>pirical te</em><em>a</em><em>s</em><em>a</em><em>t o</em><em>a</em><em>n t</em><em>a</em><em>he effe</em><em>a</em><em>ct o</em><em>a</em><em>f asset stru</em><em>a</em><em>cture, profitability, liqu</em><em>a</em><em>idity an</em><em>a</em><em>d growth of sales o</em><em>a</em><em>n th</em><em>a</em><em>e capital structureof industrial company automotive and component listing i</em><em>a</em><em>n th</em><em>a</em><em>e In</em><em>a</em><em>donesia Sto</em><em>a</em><em>ck E</em><em>a</em><em>xchange in 2013-2018. T</em><em>a</em><em>he diff</em><em>a</em><em>erence w</em><em>a</em><em>ith pre</em><em>a</em><em>vious rese</em><em>a</em><em>arch l</em><em>a</em><em>ies in the use ofindep</em><em>a</em><em>endent vari</em><em>a</em><em>ables, th</em><em>a</em><em>e t</em><em>a</em><em>ype of com</em><em>a</em><em>pany, the nu</em><em>a</em><em>mber o</em><em>a</em><em>f samp</em><em>a</em><em>les u</em><em>a</em><em>sed an</em><em>a</em><em>d t</em><em>a</em><em>he stu</em><em>a</em><em>dy p</em><em>a</em><em>eriod. T</em><em>a</em><em>his r</em><em>a</em><em>esearch i</em><em>a</em><em>s quan</em><em>a</em><em>titative. Th</em><em>a</em><em>e anal</em><em>a</em><em>ytic met</em><em>a</em><em>hod i</em><em>a</em><em>n th</em><em>a</em><em>is resea</em><em>a</em><em>rchi</em><em>a</em><em>s m</em><em>a</em><em>ultiple lin</em><em>a</em><em>ear regr</em><em>a</em><em>ession an</em><em>a</em><em>alysis. T</em><em>a</em><em>he re</em><em>a</em><em>sults o</em><em>a</em><em>f t</em><em>a</em><em>he t-te</em><em>a</em><em>st hypothesi</em><em>a</em><em>s sho</em><em>a</em><em>w tha</em><em>a</em><em>t th</em><em>a</em><em>e a</em><em>a</em><em>ssets stru</em><em>a</em><em>cuture (AS), liqu</em><em>a</em><em>idity, cu</em><em>a</em><em>rrent ra</em><em>a</em><em>tio (CR) ha</em><em>a</em><em>ve a sign</em><em>a</em><em>ificant e</em><em>a</em><em>ffect o</em><em>a</em><em>n ca</em><em>a</em><em>pital stru</em><em>a</em><em>cture, de</em><em>a</em><em>bt to eq</em><em>a</em><em>uity ra</em><em>a</em><em>tio (DER), wh</em><em>a</em><em>ile profi</em><em>a</em><em>tability, re</em><em>a</em><em>turn o</em><em>a</em><em>n as</em><em>a</em><em>sets (ROA) an</em><em>a</em><em>d grow</em><em>a</em><em>th of sa</em><em>a</em><em>les (GRO</em><em>a</em><em>WTH) tha</em><em>a</em><em>t ha</em><em>a</em><em>s n</em><em>a</em><em>o sign</em><em>a</em><em>ificant effec</em><em>a</em><em>t o</em><em>a</em><em>n ca</em><em>a</em><em>pital </em><em>a</em><em>structure.</em></p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Kinerja Keuangan Perusahaan Rokok yang Terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia dengan Metode Economic Value Added (EVA) 2019-12-09T12:22:54+07:00 Rofinus Leki Firda Nosita <p>The aim of this study is to analyze the performance of cigarette companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange by using <em>Economic value added</em> (EVA) technique. The data was collected from financial report of four cigarette companies for 2014 to 2018 period. The result shows that three of four cigarette companies, namely PT. Gudang Garam, Tbk, PT. HM Sampoerna, Tbk, and PT. Wismilak Inti Makmur, Tbk has positive EVA respectively. While, PT. Bentoel Internasional Investama, Tbk has poor performance by producing negative EVA. The result indicate that three out of four companies able create value for shareholders. EVA for cigarette companies are depend on company’s ability to create profit amid tax, excise and other regulatory conditions that greatly impact the performance of cigarette companies. The good investment and financing decisions become an integral part and encourage the companies value creation.</p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Penyebab Fraud pada Perusahaan di Kota Banjarmasin 2020-01-15T09:13:15+07:00 Suzi Suzana Tina Lestari <p><em>Fraud in the company will most likely be encountered given that companies in general have many divisions. This study aims to determine how employees' perceptions in private companies in the city of Banjarmasin about fraud and how much influence the Pressure, Opportunity and Rationalization variables have on fraud prevention. The method used in this study is purposive sampling with criteria for employees who have influence in committing fraud, including: namely the head of the finance department (head of goods / services inventory), head of cash disbursements, and cash receipts (cashiers)) and staff. Samples taken in the study amounted to 40 people (from 10 companies with a total of 65 respondents). The results showed the first hypothesis (H1) could be accepted, where the value of Fcount was greater than F<sub>table</sub>. The results of testing the second hypothesis (H2) show the calculated value of the pressure variable, the opportunity variable and the rationalization variable, greater than the value of the table so that it can be concluded that only the opportunity variable has a partial effect on fraud (fraud) so that the second hypothesis is accepted</em>.</p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Model Tata Kelola Institusi Terkait Pendanaan, Pembiayaan, dan Pengelolaan Infrastruktur Air di Provinsi Jawa Tengah Indonesia 2019-12-09T14:06:24+07:00 Deni Ramdani Muhamad Wahyudi <p><em>Institutional governance and infrastructure reform combined with the policy package constitute a restructuring of private public partnerships. The challenges of institutional and water governance as a form of innovation answer the challenges of an increasingly competitive market, the needs of consumers, and investors. A sluggish investment climate will turn into a prospectus with a comprehensive funding model that meets the challenges faced by current and growing imbalances. The results of the study identified a governance model for funding, financing and developing infrastructure projects in the province of Central Java</em><em>, i</em><em>nnovation in funding models as a hybrid model with Public Private Partnership (PPP) partnerships for future water management and development that can consolidate the water resources of the provinces of Central Java and nationally</em><em>, i</em><em>nfrastructure functions and capabilities are the foundation for the establishment of water supply services.</em></p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Performa Kualitas Produk, Citra Merek dan Persepsi Harga dalam Mempengaruhi Keputusan Pembelian (Studi Kasus Mobil Honda Brio Satya di Kota Semarang) 2019-12-12T11:13:40+07:00 Muhammad Farikhin Rokh Eddy Prabowo <p>This study aims to analyze each product's quality performance, brand image, and price perception in influencing the purchase decision of a Honda Brio Satya car. The population is the buyers of the Honda Brio Satya car with a sample of 100 people determined by the non probability sampling method. To obtain primary data, a questionnaire was used, while secondary data was obtained by using the library method. The primary data collected was then processed with the help of the SPSS Version 19.0 program. Based on the results of SPSS Version 19.0 obtained information, that the research instrument was declared valid and reliable. Regression results show that not all variables have a positive sign. Variables that are positive are product quality and brand image, while price perception variables are negative. Based on the F test, all variables simultaneously have a significant effect on purchasing decisions. T test results showed that the performance of the product quality variable did not influence the purchase decision, the brand image variable had a positive and significant effect on the purchase decision, and the price perception variable did not affect the purchasing decision of the Honda Brio Satya car</p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Kualitas Produk, Persepsi Harga, Citra Merek dan Promosi terhadap Proses Keputusan Pembelian (Studi Pada Banaran 9 Coffee and Tea di Gemawang, Kabupaten Semarang) 2019-12-12T12:26:59+07:00 Rizky Syamsidar Euis Soliha <p><em>This study examines the effect of product quality, price perception, brand image, and promotion on the purchasing decision process. This research is conducted in Banaran 9 Coffee &amp; Tea, Gemawang, Semarang Regency. The sampling method uses the purposive sampling and the data collection uses a questionnaire. The research is done from 2017 to 2019. Relations and / or influence between variables are explained using multiple regression analysis methods. The results show that the perception of price and promotion have a positive and significant influence on the process of purchasing decisions, while product quality and brand image do not significantly influence the process of purchasing decisions</em></p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat Kelompok Penerima Manfaat Program CSR PT Pembangkit Listrik Jawa Bali (PJB) UP Muara Karang 2019-12-12T12:32:21+07:00 Rindang Matoati Eko Ruddy Cahyadi <p>The success&nbsp; of PembangkitListrikJawa Bali (PJB) UP MuaraKarang ‘s Corporate Social Responsibility&nbsp; (CSR) Program is inseparable from the solid collaboration between the community and the&nbsp;&nbsp; CSR’s staff&nbsp; of PT&nbsp; PJB’s UP MuaraKarang. PT PJB MuaraKarang is a unit of PT PJB which achieved&nbsp; a green propeer in 2016. To &nbsp;keepits achievements, it is important to do a continuous study of the extent of the level of community satisfaction carried out so that program performance continues improvement.&nbsp; The data collection was obtained by distributing questionnaires to 30 community respondents who were community members. The communities that were used as the object of research were the mangrove community, folding houses and also the Trash Bank community living in the MuaraAngke area, &nbsp;North Jakarta. Based on the results of the analysis using IPA and CSI show that overall the level of satisfaction of the community or community members towards the implementation of the Social Responsibility program of PT PJB UP MuaraKarang brought good results (86.17%.)</p> 2019-12-09T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##