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Since May 2020 the Covid-19 virus has spread. The development of this virus in the world is very significant. The government, in this case, to prevent the transmission of the virus from getting greater, has implemented, among other things, making all education be conducted online. To support this, it is necessary that matters relating to the meeting be minimized as much as possible. Transmission of this virus can be through the medium of air, used containers that have been touched or exposed to dust/bloat of people who are sick. Faucets are included in the media that are susceptible to transmitting this virus.

Musholla Ar-Rahmah is a place of worship for Muslims which is located on Jl. Indragiri Raya No. 102 Semarang. This mushroom is in a very strategic location, namely on the highway which is close to the mass gathering place, which is the place for the Citarum football match stadium. Not only that, the area around the stadium is widely used for street vendor sales activities as well as a place to extend driving licenses. There are lots of buying and selling activities with various people, so the prayer room is a strategic place to pray for Muslims. The large number of visitors who use the prayer room means that the possibility of transmitting the Covid-19 virus is very large. In order to prevent this, all possibilities that have become a medium of transmission are prevented to a minimum. One of the media that can transmit this is the use of faucets for ablution. For this, one solution to prevent transmission is to install faucets for abulation that open the lid and run it electronically. The aim is that people who use faucets for abduction do not hold objects that can be used as a medium for transmission of Covid-19.

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