• Taswan Taswan
  • Hasan Abdul Rozak Universitas Stikubank
  • Ika Rosyada Fitriati Universitas Stikubank
  • Anwar Mansyur Universitas Stikubank


Micro-enterprises are businesses that are the focus of the government to be developed because these businesses are considered capable of sustaining and improving community welfare. The purpose of the implementation of this Community Service Activity is to increase the business capacity of MSMEs by helping Micro Enterprises to upgrade to Small Enterprises and helping KUB / Clusters of micro enterprises to be able to establish partnerships. Micro businesses that are partners in this activity are modern market entrepreneurs; the lack of micro businesses participating in exhibitions outside the region; the lack of micro businesses innovating and partnering with third parties; the lack of marketing facilities for micro business products in offline and online markets; and the lack of understanding of micro business actors on access to formal capital. The solution to our problems is to improve the quality of Micro Business Human Resources and increase assistance to Micro Business actors to facilitate access to credit. The steps taken include: Increased facilitation of partnerships for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with entrepreneurs, Development of MSME product promotion and assistance with standardization of Micro Enterprise products, Improvement of entrepreneurship-based Micro Enterprise management based on the Small Micro Enterprise database, Provision of capital information and coordination of funding from the government to micro enterprises.

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