• Azis Nur Rosyid


No matter how efficient a hotel-operation is, at some point a guest nay register disappointment or find fault with something or someone. Hotels should try to anticipate guest complaints and plan strategies to deal with them as they arise. The high visibility of the front office means front desk agents are frequently the first to learn of guest complaint. Front desk agents should be attentive to guests with complaint and seek a satisfactory resolution. Perhaps nothing annoys guests more than having their complaint apperantly ignored or discounted. While front office staff generally will not enjoy receiving complaints, they should understand that few guest enjoy complaining. They should also realize that guests who find no opportunity to tell the hotel of their complaints often tell their friends, relatives, and business associates instead.

When it is easy for guests to express their opinions, both the hotel and the guest benefit. The hotel learns of potential or actual problems areas and is given the opportunity to resolve guest complaints, thereby increasing guest satisfaction. The guests have more problems resolved and feel that the hotel cares about their needs. From this perspective, every complaint is welcome. Remember the guests who leave of hotel dissatisfied may never return.

Key words : guestsatisfaction, complaint