Vision & Mission


UNISBANK’s vision is that by 2035 it will become a university with an international reputation based on technology and an entrepreneurial spirit.



The mission of higher education is of course inseparable from the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, UNISBANK’s mission formulation is as follows:

  1. Developing a transparent and accountable university organization based on information and communication technology to support Good University Governance (GUG)
  2. Organizing education that is oriented towards the development of the world of business and industry to support graduates who have global competitiveness and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Creating a welcoming and friendly academic atmosphere in order to produce graduates who are competent in their fields, have noble character, are willing and able to work together, have an entrepreneurial spirit, are diligent and tenacious, are innovative and are able to compete locally, nationally, regionally and globally.
  4. Carrying out innovative research that produces results of international reputation and high economic value.
  5. Carrying out community service that contributes to solving problems in society.
  6. Establish sustainable collaboration with educational institutions, research institutions, government, business world, industry and other institutions as well as communities at local, national, regional and global levels.


The objectives set by UNISBANK are:

  1. To form people who are intelligent, capable, have faith, are devoted to God Almighty, are ethical, humble, have good manners and have good intentions and have an awareness of responsibility for the welfare of the Indonesian people in particular and the world in general.
  2. Develop and integrate science, technology, arts and national culture.
    Building, maintaining and developing social and cultural life.
  3. Develop human resources (HR) capable of producing internationally reputable output.
  4. Providing resources that support universities of international reputation.
  5. Producing graduates who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are globally competitive.