is the only study program in Central Java. The Master of Information Technology is unique in its skill development, learning outcomes, and curriculum. The curriculum refers to KKNI based on OBE (Outcome-Based Education) in the field of Informatics and Computers (APTIKOM) 2019.

The learning process at MTI is designed to equip graduates not only with a strong foundation in information technology including broad and in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in the field, but also the analytical and creative thinking skills that entrepreneurs need in facing the era of disruption.

Master of Information Technology Concentration:



Mastery of in-depth skills both strategically and technically in:

Model development and management of big data in developing digital financial business strategies and public services using the Statistical Modeling for Business approach, Big Data analysis, Machine Learning for Business, and Information Systems Strategy management.
In digital financial business and public services with information technology by applying Enterprise Architecture for IT and Requirements Analysis and System Design through  human and computer interaction with Cyber Security.
Governance and risk control of technology-based financial business (fintech) through learning Financial Technology (fintech) and risk, Business Intelligence, and Digital Business Governance and Audit.
IT-based governance and control of public services  through learning Electronic-Based Government Systems, IT Project Management, and Smart Cities.

Total credits: 46

Length of Study: 4 Semesters

Featured Courses:

Financial Technology and Risk
Smart Business
Digital Business Governance and Audit
Electronic-based Government System
Information Technology Project Management
Smart City (Smart City)

Matriculation for students who do not have an IT background:

Information Systems
Database Systems
Algorithms And Data Structures

Lecturers have doctoral degrees and have professional certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, Internal Auditor, ITIL and Digital Marketing.

Lecturers have expertise in the fields of:

Computer Vision
Smart City
Data Analytics (artificial intelligence/AI, data mining, machine learning)

Professional Manager in IT and Financial Technology (Fintech) business
Professional Consultant in the fields of Business, Financial Technology (Fintech), IT-based public services
Manager / Head of Professionals in the field of IT-based public services
Data Center Manager and User Services