Producing graduates who are professional and have high integrity, are globally oriented and responsive to technological advances.

Many graduates work as civil servants.




Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
HR Management


Total credits: 48 credits

Length of Study: 4 Semesters

Lecturers have doctoral degrees and are experienced in their fields and have professional certification

  1. Relationships between Management, Teachers and students are built in harmony equality as mutual friends, colleagues, partners and family give for the common good.
  2. The course plan ensures students finish on time
    strategies for preparing final assignments that are different from other places.
  3. Supporting facilities such as elegant and exclusive classrooms, areas spacious and comfortable discussions and chats, worship facilities in the form of Prayer rooms and mosques are available, library facilities are provided
    various books and journals to support the learning process
  4. Very spacious, comfortable and safe building and parking facilities, workspace, food court, lockers, refresh room.