Indonesia’s economy is increasingly developing, industry is accelerating rapidly. Industrial Engineering is provided across various scientific disciplines. Manufacturing systems about improving quality, productivity and efficiency, plus knowledge of complete industrial management and industrial and techno-economic systems.

Industrial Engineering is a science that studies industrial processes both from a management and engineering perspective. Industrial engineering is actually a derivative of mechanical engineering. StudentsĀ  study disciplines such as science group disciplines, mathematics and statistics, engineering science, social sciences, information systems, industrial engineering science, environment, engineering design and entrepreneurship. Industrial engineering focuses on designing, improving and controlling integrated systems that require the role of humans, materials, equipment and energy.

The Industrial Engineering Study Program could be the right choice. With the Indonesian economy currently developing, many industries are growing rapidly, both service industries and manufacturing industries. The role of industrial engineering in a service and manufacturing industry is to enable a system to run efficiently and effectively, increasing worker comfort, safety and security so that it can increase productivity and contribute to the development and design of appropriate technology for MSMEs.


Able to design systems well.
Designing ergonomic products.
Able to optimize the system.

Total credits: 145

Length of Study: 8 Semesters

Featured Courses:

Ergonomics Based Design

Care Management


Lecturer with expertise in Information Technology, Product Design and Development. Facility Layout, Maintenance Management, Supply Chain Systems, Operational Research, System Optimization, Production Planning and Control, Ergonomics and Work System Design, Occupational Safety and Health

Production Planning Inventory Control, Quality Management System, Facility Layout and Plant Designer, Marketing, Consulting, Operational Production, Maintenance Engineering, Safety Engineering, Design Engineering, dan Entrepreneur.

Internship program in Japan for 1 year