Foreign Student Registration Requirements

New Student Admissions are held at the beginning of each Academic Year. Currently, Universitas Stikubank accepts new students for Regular, DLC and RPL classes. Universitas Stikubank also accepts foreign student applications. Based on the Academic Guidelines, the following are the registration requirements for Foreign Students:

A. Requirements for individual Foreign Citizens (WNA).
Foreign students who will register to become UNISBANK students must fulfill the following requirements:
1) General requirements
Foreigners who wish to become students at UNISBANK must fulfill following requirements:
a) Curriculum vitae
b) Photocopy/copy of diploma including official legalized academic transcript
c) Certificate of guarantee of financing while studying at Indonesia in the form of a bank account.
d) Have a source of financing to ensure continuity education as proven by a study permit from the Secretary General.
e) Have a residence visa in Indonesia.
f) Photocopy of passport that is still valid for at least 1 year
g) A statement letter that the person concerned will not work while studying at Indonesia
h) A statement that the person concerned is willing to comply with the regulations applicable laws in Indonesia
i) Latest passport photo
j) Health certificate from the authorized agency
k) For training/work practices other than having to comply with requirements a) up to j) mentioned above, must also attach recommendations from the candidate’s home university.

2) Special requirements:
a) For prospective foreign students who will study at UNISBANK, in addition to having to fulfill the general requirements in paragraph (1), You must also pass the new student admission selection or placement test for foreigners who have studied at foreign universities minimum 3 (three) years. To be able to take part in the selection for new student admissions you must obtain permission from the Director General of Higher Education.
b) Comply with the rules/provisions that apply at UNISBANK.

3) Application procedures and procedures for individual foreign citizens
To become a UNISBANK student are as follows:
a) Prospective foreign students submit written applications directly to UNISBANK Chancellor by attaching the study permit requirements documents as specified.
b) If the person concerned is declared accepted, then the Chancellor of UNISBANK will notify (with a letter of approval) in writing and as well as being a sponsor/person in charge during the event. study in UNISBANK.
c) Based on a letter of approval from UNISBANK, the person concerned can apply for a visa at the local Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI).
d) The Indonesian Embassy based on the approval letter will grant a visa Socio-Cultural Visit (VKSB) to him and he. can enter to Indonesia.
e) After arriving in Indonesia, he. through the Chancellor of UNISBANK submitted study permit to the Director General of Higher Education (DIRJEN DIKTI) by attaching the study permit requirements file.
f) The DIRECTOR GENERAL OF DIKTI will provide recommendations regarding considerations academic technical matters to the Ministry of National Education’s Bureau of Foreign Cooperation (BKLN). to be discussed with relevant agencies in the Clearing House (CH) forum.
g) BKLN issues a study permit for the student. addressed to UNISBANK with a copy to YBS. The length of the study permit will be given accordingly with the application and in the desired study program.
h) UNISBANK after receiving a study permit approval letter from BKLN and Immigration status transfer decision letter from the Director General of Immigration application to obtain a Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) for registran.
i) The extension of the study permit is submitted by UNISBANK to the Director General of Higher Education by attaching:
– Report on learning progress results
– Self-report certificate from the local police
– Photocopy of passport
– Photocopy of KITAS
j) KITAS extensions are submitted periodically and submitted directly by UNISBANK to the local immigration office according to the length of the permit learning that has been given with a copy to the DIRECT GENERAL OF DIKTI.
k) If the foreign student concerned wants to move to study at another field of study or moving to another university, then that The person concerned must submit an application for a new permit to the Chancellor College and then processed in accordance with the requirements and study permit procedures above.

B. Requirements for Foreign Citizens (WNA) on the basis of international cooperation University/Government.
Foreign students are allowed to take part in academic activities for a period of time certain conditions after fulfilling the licensing requirements applicable in Indonesia and held on the basis of a “Memorandum of Understanding” (MoU) between government/”Government to Government” (G to G) or between universities/”University to University” (U to U).