Stikubank University has been established since April 28 1968. Initially it was known as the Academy of Finance and Banking (AKUBANK). Seeing the development of people’s needs in pursuing higher education, the Indonesian Student Education and Publishing Foundation (YPPMI) developed STIE, STMIK, STIH, STIBA and AKPARTA Stikubank which eventually merged into Stikubank University.

Currently, Stikubank University has 4 Faculties and 14 Study Programs. The Faculty of Information and Industrial Technology consists of the Master of Information Technology Study Program, Bachelor of Information Technology, Bachelor of Information Systems and Bachelor of Industrial Engineering. The Faculty of Economics and Business consists of Master of Management, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Accounting and Professional Accounting Education. The Faculty of Law and Languages consists of S1 English Literature and S1 Law Sciences. The Vocational Faculty consists of D4 Graphic Multimedia Engineering, D3 Information Management, D3 Finance and Banking, D3 Hospitality.

Stikubank University has the tagline “Digital Youth Entrepreneurial University”. Always improve the quality of education, facilities and infrastructure to produce graduates who are capable in their fields and have an entrepreneurial spirit. To achieve this, the Study Program curriculum has added entrepreneurship courses up to the Business Management level.

In 2023, Stikubank University will have more than 41,000 alumni spread throughout Indonesia. Many Stikubank University alumni have been successful as bureaucrats at regional and national levels, entrepreneurs, university leaders, managers in national companies and other fields of work. Based on alumni surveys conducted regularly, more than 80% of alumni work in their fields.

Stikubank University has 2 campuses known as the Mugas Campus and the Kendeng Campus, the Mugas Campus is on Jalan Tri Lomba Juang 1 Semarang and the Kendeng Campus is on Jalan Kendeng V Bendan Ngisor Semarang.