Selebgram Kokobocil Teaches New Students to Become Content Creators

Academic introduction activities called PEKAKU on the first day (11/09) was enlivened by the arrival of Selebgram or Tiktoker known as Kokobocil. They are none other than Ricky Bastila and Fellycia Indriyani. They came to share their experiences in the Talk Show “How To Be A Content Creator”.

Ricky and Felly have become successful content creators on Instagram and Tiktok social media. Ricky has more than 416 thousand followers on Tiktok, while Felly the Bocil has 191 thousand followers. On Instagram social media, Felly has more followers than Ricky. He is followed by 47 thousand IG users, while Ricky has 31 thousand followers.

They shared their success in becoming content creators with new Unisbank students at the PEKAKU 2023 event. The growth in their followers could be said to be quite drastic, this is because their daily stories are very interesting to the younger generation. Their creativity in creating content deserves to be acknowledged, because they can create things that seem trivial, but are interesting as entertainment.

Ricky gave an example, one time he was enjoying playing a game and Felly felt like he had been left alone. Then Felly took Ricky’s wallet and said, “Why, how come your wallet has so much paper?” Ricky, who was having fun playing, thought the paper in question was unused notes, then told Felly to throw it away. And be the capital for facial care for Felly.

There is much more excitement about their story, they shared that to be a content creator you must have initiative. At first you may not see results, but you have to continue to be consistent in creating content. TikTok is a social media that allows new content creators to grow and become famous. So you have to be brave to try and produce creative content.