Unisbank Provides CCU and MCU as Facilities for Students to Learn Entrepreneurship

As one of the universities in Semarang City that cares about creating young entrepreneurs, Unisbank has a curriculum that provides material about entrepreneurship to students. This is in accordance with the tagline of Unisbank, Digital Youth Entrepreneurial University. Unisbank also provides a Unisbank Culinary Corner (CCU) and a Unisbank Merchandise Corner (MCU) as a means for students to learn entrepreneurship.

The student entrepreneurial system continues to be promoted on campus. Strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem starts with students’ obligation to take courses on character of entrepreneurship and mentoring of business. To motivate students, at graduation, Unisbank also gave the Unisbank Wiramuda award to students who succeeded in creating and managing a business, explained the Wakil Rektor Bidang Kerja Sama dan Kewirausahaan, Dr. Elen Puspitasari, S.E., M.Sc.

CCU is provided at two Unisbank campuses, namely the Mugas Campus and the Kendeng Campus, while the MCU is currently only available in Mugas. CCU also provides opportunities for people who want to open a business at Unisbank. Currently there are several students who have started their businesses, one of which is a student majoring in Accounting, Tribhuana Tungga Dewi Jayanti Wisnu Wardhani who is familiarly called Nimi. “I sell chicken steaks, shredded chicken, sambal matah chicken and teriyaki,” he said. He was interested because by being involved in opening a CCU food court, his hobby of trying various businesses could be channeled. “This CCU can foster interest in young entrepreneurial talent. I also like business ventures and while I’m still young there are opportunities,” he added.

Rektor Unisbank, Dr. Edy Winarno, ST, M.Eng said that as one of the private campuses in Semarang City, Unisbank Semarang pays attention to young entrepreneurs. Unisbank always provides the best education for students, in line with their future needs. “Through CCU and MCU, we provide end to end facilities, are mentored, capitalized and provide business premises, as clear evidence of our concern for Indonesia’s young generation who want to seriously take part in the business world.” he added.